Maryland GOP Complicit in Disastrous Trump Administration

As we witness the latest revelations in the Trump Administration’s assaults on democracy, it is important to examine the role the GOP has played in creating this mess. With former Trump campaign manager Manafort convicted on eight counts and Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen pleading guilty to his own eight counts, including implicating Trump in a conspiracy to commit a felony, Maryland’s Republican party has yet to take a stand. 

It is critical to understand that the Maryland Republicans have been complicit with the Trump administration since the very beginning.  At the nominating convention, while delegates in other states were pushing against Trump’s nomination, the ENTIRE Maryland GOP delegation, comprised of 38 leading Republicans, were ALL IN and voted to nominate Trump.  The Maryland GOP delegation included: Sen. Minority Leader J.B. Jennings, Anne Arundel County Exec Steve Schuh, Kendel Ehrlich, Andy Harris, David Bossie and other state GOP leaders.  


Of course, we can not forget Larry Hogan, who certainly talks a good game in trying to separate himself from this disaster.  He is also going out of his way to not mention his close-knit connection to Trump surrogate Chris Christie or his previously declared best friend Vice President Mike Pence.  More importantly, however, when the time comes for action to proactively fight the Trump administration, Hogan has shown his true colors.  Whether it is attempting to defund Attorney General Frosh’s work to actively fight the Trump administration or by ushering in Betsy Devos’ assault on public school education, Larry Hogan’s actions drown out his meager words.