Jealous and Medicare-for-All

Medicare-for-All can seem like a complicated issue, however in progressive campaigns have worked to try to make this inclusive health system easy to understand. Medicare-for-all is one of the pillars of Ben Jealous’ campaign has made to become Maryland’s next governor.

So what exactly does it mean to support Medicare-for-All? Supporting Medicare-for-All, means someone supports everyone having health insurance. Through this, the state’s Medicare system would continue to grow and improve.

Jealous has a track record of supporting and advocating for an improved healthcare system. Just last year, Jealous put forth MD Care. MD Care included a plan that showed how to have Maryland successfully introduce a state-based Medicare system, thus demonstrating Jealous’ long support and commitment towards making Maryland a state that ensures all of its residents.

As governor, Jealous has made an array of commitments to the state. Many of them include improving the state’s access to healthcare. In addition to enforcing the Medicare-for-All system, Jealous promised to halt the rise of premiums. As Jealous has noted, these rising premiums have had detrimental impacts on many Maryland families, as many cannot bear the financial burden an unexpected health issue incurs.

Additionally, Jealous wanted to make access to necessary and needed drugs more accessible. As governor, Jealous promises to work with pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of drug prices. This will benefit all of the state’s residents, especially senior citizens.

Jealous also promised to tackle the coverage gap. While the majority of the state is covered by health insurance, more than 300,000 Marylanders remain uninsured. Jealous is determined to make sure these residents have access to affordable healthcare while he is governor.

So where does Jealous get his passion and commitment for healthcare? In addition to the experiences he has had throughout his professional career Jealous has been open about his own personal experience with health-insurance coverage. On his website, Jealous talks about his personal struggles with juvenile epilepsy. Jealous notes that for years, his needed treatment wasn’t covered by his health insurance. Thus, Jealous experienced first-hand what it was like to not afford needed medication. Additionally, Jealous notes his firsthand experience losing loved ones due to a lack of health coverage. Jealous’ stated on his website that his commitment to making Maryland a Medicare-for-All state is rooted in his morals, as he believes healthcare for all people is a necessity for state residents.

Since 2017, Jealous has spoken out about the economic benefits of the healthcare for all, such as highlighting how residents would pay less in taxes. Jealous released his Medicare-for-All plan in December 2017 at a rally at Notre Dame of Maryland University. While Jealous made the announcement, he stood alongside former-presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has been a long supporter of Jealous and the single-payer health care system.


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