Leading Maryland in the Age of Climate Change

By Anonymous Our Maryland, Our Voices Contributor

Maryland might not be the first state people think of when they think of climate change impacting the United States. Between forest fires on the West Coast and sea-level rise in the South, the effects of climate change in Maryland might not seem as daunting.  However, climate change can, and most likely will, drastically alter the lives of many Marylanders in upcoming years.

Maryland is famous for its crabs. A classic summer meal,  Maryland crabs also provide the incomes to many of the state’s families. Without these crabs, the state’s economy will take a hit. The impacts of climate change on the crab industry have yet to be fully revealed, but it’s no secret that climate change can impact the number of crabs we have in our Chesapeake Bay, and thus on our plates.

Additionally, Maryland’s real estate industry is feeling the impacts of climate change on the market. This is especially true of real estate located near the coast lines of Maryland’s shores. It has been reported that while people still want to live by the coast, the cost of flood insurance remains hard to ignore. As sea levels continue to rise, so will the cost of insurance, thus continuing to impact the real estate market.

Compacting climate change will require the joint effort of state, national and global leadership.  On the state level, Marylanders can make an impact in this upcoming election. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that we elect leaders who are committed to protecting the environment we share and depend on. Ben Jealous is not only determined to protect the planet, but has stated that he feels a moral imperative to do so.

On Jealous’ website, he plans to do this by expanding the use of renewable power while also helping the state’s economy in the midst of it. To be exact, Jealous stated that as governor he will determine a deadline for  100% clean and renewable energy. This allows the job market in the industry to expand in Maryland.

Additionally, Jealous sees the value in the Chesapeake Bay and promises to protect it as governor of Maryland. As stated on this website, Jealous plans to improve the Chesapeake Bay by leading efforts that bring species native to the Bay back and continuing to expand natural forest areas that act as buffers.

Jealous is also committed to protecting all of Maryland’s residents through his environmental-protection efforts. As stated on his website, Jealous acknowledges that different communities and areas within the state are disproportionally effected by pollution and climate change.  Through strategic legislation and efforts, Jealous has committed to ensuring that Maryland is a safe and healthy state for everyone.

Not only does Jealous continuously voice his support for the environment, he has been endorsed by numerous environmental leaders including Bill McKibben, Phil Radford, Sierra Club Maryland and Friends of Earth Action to name a few.  To learn more about Jealous’ commitment to Maryland and the world’s environment, visit his website at: https://benjealous.com/issues/environment/

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