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Science: It’s True Whether You are Governor or Not

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Science: It’s True Whether You are Governor or Not

 Neil DeGrasse Tyson famously said, “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it”.


I suppose if people question science, that’s their “individual right”. But now that we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, it seems particularly counter-intuitive to deny the science and the reality showing us that COVID-19 most certainly exists and that it’s dangerous.  We know that wearing a mask, social distancing and hand washing reduce the spread. It’s baffling to me why some people resist the opportunity to stop the spread and save lives.  Where does that view get us?

It gets us right where we are: 



  • Numbers that are not under control in several states, including MD. 
  • An economy that is suffering.
  • Job loss.
  • Mistrust in science and public health experts.
  • Illness and sadly, death.

In Maryland, we’ve thanked our lucky stars that we have a “Moderate” Republican Governor who believes in science and has had a reasonable response to the pandemic. Governor Hogan has been hailed as a hero, simply because he believed the public health experts and the science. 

Well. that was true, until recently.  

First, Larry Hogan called for a “normal” election in November. Huh? The virus is still here. We really can’t have a normal election.

Secondly, Larry Hogan overruled the Montgomery County Health Officer who ordered private schools to remain online until October in order to slow the spread. 

Can it be that the anti-science folks are becoming more influential with the Governor?  It’s hard to deny the facts.

Here’s 3 Things You Can Do:

1. Sign up for your mail-in ballot today!
2. Spread the word to everybody you know. Share this email!
3. Donate to Our Maryland to help us counteract disinformation and spread the word – we are holding the Gov. accountable (Link)