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Hogan’s Resignation Letter

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Larry Hogan Resignation Letter: Are we being given a two-year notice?


 If you know you are leaving a job, do you stop caring? Do you start your next job before the other one ends? Or do you do the bare minimum until your last day? I guess we all handle the ending of jobs differently, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say most people wouldn’t do any of the above a full 2 years before an imminent exit- and get away with it. Don’t get me wrong, things can definitely slow down before a job departure. Sure. There are goodbye parties, loose ends to tie up, succession planning, and hopefully, a good feeling of accomplishment…for the last couple WEEKS before you go…But not 2 years before!

But that’s what our Governor seems to be doing. Just in the past few weeks, he’s dropped the ball on the upcoming election plan, (and blamed it on the Board of Elections); he threw teachers and students under the bus by making a last-minute announcement that schools should have a plan re-open after the first quarter, he hired a chief of staff who helped himself to a major severance package at taxpayers’ expense, and he had a blatant bigot in charge of the state’s ethnic and cultural commissions.

Ok, fine, Larry. We get it. You are outta here!

Should we be planning the goodbye party now?  Apparently yes.

Sounds good.

Let’s start with succession planning! Calling all good progressives. Anyone want to step up? 

Stay tuned!