2022 Maryland Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Elections

Tuesday, July 19, 2022, registered Democratic voters across Maryland will choose their candidate for governor in November’s general elections. 

Our Maryland introduced a special election series where we interviewed all ten Democratic gubernatorial candidates so our listeners and public can get to know the candidates and where they stand on the key issues facing Maryland. From June 1 to 15, folks like you participated in a Straw Poll to rank your favorite candidates for the upcoming primary elections. The results are finally in!

We used ranked-choice voting because it enables voters to choose their favorite candidate without worrying about being a spoiler and because it requires a majority winner (particularly important in a large field). We support Ranked Choice Voting for local and state elections in Maryland, and are co-hosting this straw poll with RCV Maryland and FairVote.

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This is NOT an official ballot. If you want to vote in the primary, visit the Maryland State Board of Elections at elections.maryland.gov to check your voter registration status and polling location.


Each candidate has a different vision for the future of Maryland. Click on their names below to learn more about their platforms and listen to their interviews on Our Maryland’s Politics & Policy Podcast with host Tracy Leatherberry. 

As a former Maryland State Delegate and Prince George’s County Executive, Rushern Baker understands state and county budgets. During his time, he reduced crime without increasing arrests, created record numbers of jobs through economic development, and made the hard decisions to ensure Maryland’s kids have the best chance to succeed. Baker has focused on curbing corruption, including through contributions from developers, and is using the state’s public financing system. Baker believes we need to put community over politics in tackling today’s challenges.

Visit Rushern Baker’s Website | Listen to Rushern Baker’s Podcast Interview

Jon Baron is a longtime Maryland resident and nonprofit executive who believes in a data-driven and evidence-based approach to government. He believes that state government has rolled out too many unproven programs in the past and needs ideas that have been tested in the real world and shown to work. While strongly supporting the concept of programs like Paid Family and Medical Leave, he stresses that the details are important.

Visit Jon Baron’s Website | Listen to Jon Baron’s Podcast Interview

Maryland’s Comptroller since 2006, Peter Franchot says that Marylanders trust him with their money. Previously, Franchot served in the state legislature. Franchot describes his politics as socially very liberal and fiscally moderate and, mostly, competent. Franchot believes it’s important to disagree agreeably and has had a working relationship with Governor Hogan. Conceptually, Franchot supports Paid Family & Medical Leave and anti-eviction protections for renters but believes the devil is in the details with his focus being on fiscal responsibility. He believes increasing taxes on multi-millionaires and billionaires is counterproductive because they’ll move but is willing to look at other tax fairness proposals.

Visit Peter Franchot’s Website | Listen to Peter Franchot’s Podcast Interview

Doug Gansler is a lifelong Montgomery County resident who served as Maryland’s Attorney General from 2007-2015. In that role, he went after predatory lenders, polluters, and human traffickers to deliver justice under the law and protect all Marylanders. Gansler also is focusing on tackling crime with community prosecutions and believes a moderate Democrat is best positioned to win the general election.

Visit Doug Gansler’s Website | Listen to Doug Gansler’s Podcast Interview

Ralph Jaffe is a self-declared “teacher, not a politician.” He draws upon his political campaigns to teach his students where corruption is in government. Jaffe does not take any political contributions and runs his campaign on a shoestring. The Jaffe Movement’s mission is to put a stop to corruption in the Maryland political system and to replace it with true, ethical reform.

Visit Ralph Jaffe’s Website | Listen to Ralph Jaffe’s Podcast Interview

Ashwani Jain is running for Maryland governor to make politics inclusive and accessible. A son of immigrants, a product of Maryland public schools, and a 32-year-old cancer survivor, Jain has worked in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, including in President Obama’s White House, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and US Department of Health and Human Services. He says that his team has built one of the largest grassroots campaigns—and the 1st in the U.S. to be 100% resident-run.

Visit Ashwani Jain’s Website | Listen to Ashwani Jain’s Podcast Interview

John B. King Jr. is a lifelong educator who served as President Obama’s U.S. Secretary of Education. In 2020, he founded Strong Future Maryland to promote an equitable and prosperous economic future for Marylanders. Today, King leads an education civil rights organization and believes that public institutions – including schools – can and will with his leadership make a vital difference in people’s lives.

Visit John King’s Website | Listen to John King’s Podcast Interview

Wes Moore is a combat veteran, bestselling author, small business owner, Rhodes Scholar, and former CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, a large anti-poverty organization. Moore, who lives in Baltimore, describes his defining governing vision as providing a path to work, wages and wealth for all Marylanders.

Visit Wes Moore’s Website | Listen to Wes Moore’s Podcast Interview

The son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, a longtime resident of Montgomery County and a top civil rights and Labor leader, Tom Perez has committed his life to protecting and expanding opportunity and ensuring justice for all Americans. Perez served as MD Secretary of Labor under Governor Martin O’Malley, as President of the Montgomery County Council, and as head of the US Civil Rights Division and as US Secretary of Labor both under President Obama. Perez says that the breadth and depth of his experience will enable him to get important things done for Marylanders.

Visit Tom Perez’s Website | Listen to Tom Perez’s Podcast Interview

Jerome Segal is running for governor, not to fix the potholes, but because he believes Maryland, as the richest state in the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, is well-positioned to play a leadership role in a cultural revolution – as we rethink the basics of work, time, money, meaning, and identity; as we try to find a way of living in harmony with each other and the planet, at peace, with justice, in a decent society, with lives of beauty and work of passionate intensity.

Visit Jerome Segal’s Website | Listen to Jerome Segal’s Podcast Interview 

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