2022 Legislative Priorities

There is a full agenda of progressive policies we need to pass! Our Maryland is prioritizing the following policies during the 2022 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly. Use the links below to contact your legislators and check back often for more ways you can act.

1. Paid Family and Medical Leave

  • Time to Care Act
    HB 8 – Del. Kris Valderrama
    SB 275 – Senators Antonio Hayes and Joanne Benson

  • Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program
    HB 496 – Del. C. T. Wilson

The Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program bill is a similar version of the Time to Care Act introduced by Delegate C. T. Wilson, who chairs the House Economic Matters Committee. The Time to Care Coalition of Maryland is supporting both legislation.

Coalition: Time to Care MD

Action Alert: Show your support for Paid Family and Medical Leave

2. Renter Housing Protections

  • Landlord and Tenant – Access to Counsel in Evictions HB 712 – Del. Samuel Rosenberg
    SB 561 – Sen. Shelly Hettleman

    This legislation fully funds the program so tenants have access to a lawyer if they are going through an eviction proceeding.

  • Landlord and Tenant – Stay of Eviction Proceeding for Rental Assistance Determination
    HB 674 – Del. Vaughn Stewart
    SB 384 – Sen. Shelly Hettleman

    This bill would require Maryland courts to pause an eviction proceeding if the tenant is waiting on federal relief.

  • Landlord and Tenant and Wrongful Detainer Actions – Eviction Prevention Services
    HB 691 – Del. Melissa Wells
    SB 564 – Sen. Susan Lee

    All too often, tenants don’t know that there are services to support them in a variety of ways, until they come to court and have access to them. This legislation instructs courts to delay proceedings until tenants can utilize in-court services like legal counsel and rental assistance programs.

  • Enabling local protections from lease non-renewals
    Maryland counties should have the power to require landlords to have “just cause” if they choose not to renew an expiring lease.

  • Blocking unlicensed landlords from special court procedures
    To use rent court to evict, landlords should have to present a valid rental license, if their jurisdiction requires it. This way, illegally operating landlords can’t take advantage.

Action Alert: Show your support Housing Justice

3. Fair Funding Maryland (Tax Fairness)

  • Corporate Income Tax – Throwback Rule and Combined Reporting
    HB 457 – Del. Mary Lehman
    SB 360 – Sen. Paul Pinsky [Similar to HB 457]

  • Income Tax – Carried Interest – Additional Tax
    SB 361 – Sen. Paul Pinsky

4. Abortion Access and Reproductive Freedom

  • Abortion Care Access Act of 2022
    HB 937 – Del. Ariana Kelly, HB 952 – Del. Ariana Kelly
    SB 890 – Sen. Delores Kelley

  • Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022
    HB 626 – Del. Nicole Williams
    SB 669 – Sen. Will Smith

5. Good Government

  • Public Advocate Act of 2022
    HB 152 – Del. Vaughn Stewart

  • Transparency in Public Records Act of 2022
    HB 395 – Del. Vaughn Stewart
    SB 307 – Sen. Clarence Lam
    This bill would prevent the use of electronic programs to erase public records and avoid review and public disclosure under the state’s Public Information Act.