Our Maryland Calls on the Maryland GOP to Condemn and Remove Party Leaders who Propagate the Big Lie


On the eve of January 6, Marylanders have come together to state emphatically that it is disqualifying for any candidate or public official in Maryland to support the Big Lie, its efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential elections, including through the January 6 insurrection, and ongoing efforts to undermine future elections and democracy.

Toward this end, today Our Maryland is petitioning Dirk Haire, Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party, and Governor Larry Hogan to take action to remove National Committeeman David Bossie from his Party leadership position and to publicly condemn and withhold all Party support for Representative Andy Harris and Delegate Daniel L. Cox, until they unequivocally renounce and stop their support for the Big Lie, January 6 insurrection and related efforts to undermine future elections.

Our Maryland Chair Larry Ottinger issued the following statement calling for action:

“Our message is simple: Those who support the Big Lie and actively undermine our democracy should not have a home in Maryland politics – regardless of party or ideology. Period.

“Our democracy is hanging on a precipice while Donald Trump and his enablers continue to perpetuate the Big Lie and actively support efforts to sabotage future elections. Enough is enough.” 

Mr. Bossie was handpicked by former President Donald Trump to lead baseless challenges to the 2020 election results spreading false claims of voter fraud which have been repeatedly rejected by the courts. As Deputy Campaign Manager to former president Donald Trump in the 2020 elections, Bossie was instrumental in whipping up election conspiracies and false fraud claims leading up to January 6 and after, even as he contracted Covid and turned over the reins for leading Trump’s election challenges to Rudy Giuliani. Bossie threatened lawsuits if votes didn’t go their way, and he founded and has been financing pro-Trump secretary of state candidates who adhere to the Big Lie and have expressed a willingness to overturn future election results.

On January 6, Representative Andy Harris voted to reject the certification of the 2020 election results repeating false fraud claims, and Harris reportedly got into a scuffle over the Big Lie on the House floor upon returning that evening after the violent attacks on the US Capitol. Harris was also one of 12 members of Congress to vote against awarding a Congressional Gold Medal to the brave police officers who defended the U.S. Capitol from the violent attacks by insurrectionists on January 6. 

Delegate Daniel L. Cox arranged for buses with the Frederick County Conservative Club to attend the January 6 “#StoptheSteal” rally. On January 6, during the insurrection itself, Cox tweeted support for a Proud Boys leader and called Vice President Mike Pence a “traitor.” Cox has filed to run in the Republican primary for governor in 2022 and Trump has endorsed him saying that Cox “fought against the Rigged Presidential Election every step of the way.”

It’s up to the Maryland Republican Party to define its identity, but being a party to the Big Lie, January 6 insurrection and efforts to undermine future elections should be disqualifying for any state public official. 

Governor Larry Hogan has  branded himself as “a leading voice” in the fight against Trumpism for “the soul of the Republican Party.” Governor Hogan said efforts to overturn the election “make a mockery of our system and who we are as Americans.” In his own words, Hogan said he wants to “purge” the Republican Party of “radical extremists.” 

As the standard bearer for Maryland Republicans, Governor Hogan must act to lead change within his state party. Actions speak louder than words. If Hogan can’t or won’t reshape his own state party, why would anyone believe his promises to change the national Republican Party and expel its radical extremists? 

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