Thursday Surge Call

April 25th 2019

Comment to FERC

(regarding application for additional pipeline to transport fracked gas across Maryland)

Dear Friends,

This week’s Thursday surge call is a request for you to comment on an application by the Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company to add additional pipeline to transport fracked gas across our state.  The comment period will end on May 1st, so it is important that we comment soon.

This is not the Eastern Shore Pipeline that has been receiving some attention.  There is not yet a permit application for that project. This is a smaller proposal — the Delmarva Expansion Project.  The docket number is CP18-548-000.

Allowing additional gas pipeline to be created on the Eastern Shore is a direct threat to our waterways and rural wetlands.  There is fear of accidents that may be caused if the pipes break. Some environmentalists are saying that allowing this precedent will be “the tip of the iceberg” and will lead to further permits for pipelines to transport fracked gas across Maryland to be approved.  This is at a time when we are attempting to increase of use of renewable energy.

Here are the directions:

1.   Go to

2.   Look for the heading at the top that reads “documents & filings.”

3.   You will see “FERC online” toward the top of the list.  Click on “e-comments.”

4.    Next, you will see a yellow square on which “e-comments” is written.  Click on that square.

5.    Fill out your name, address, etc.  FERC will send you an email with instructions.

6.    There will be a link in the email.  Click on the link.

7.     Type in the docket number (CP18-548-000).  In the last box, you will see a blue cross.   Click on it to select.

8.     Make your comments in the message space.

For additional information about the hazards of pipeline activity, please refer to this article:

You may also check the Facebook page for No Eastern Shore Pipeline.  Some of the comments have good information that may help.