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We need $15 by 2025! Extending the Timeline is Bad for Business

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Greetings Senator/Delegate __________, 

My name is __________ and I am a Maryland Resident. I’m emailing you to respectfully encourage you  not to extend the $15 minimum wage timeline for small businesses. 

Over 76% of Maryland businesses have 15 or fewer employees. Putting those businesses on a longer timeline delays boosts in consumer spending, puts them at a competitive disadvantage with big businesses like Amazon and Costco, and would result in high, costly turnover.

Using the number of employees a business has to determine wages is arbitrary. The number of employees does not necessarily correlate to a business’s profit margin. There are businesses with fewer than 15 employees that make high profits. (For example: law offices, real estate development companies, marketing firms, etc.)  

Please help to uplift Maryland’s working families and build our economy.  We ALL need $15 by 2025!


Thank you.



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