Page Summary

The purpose of this webpage is to highlight specific examples where Governor Hogan’s personal financial interests in his family’s real estate development fortune, appear to have benefited from decisions made by employees in his administration.

What follows is a brief explanation of the structure of Governor Hogan’s ownership interests, followed by the specific projects where Governor Hogan owns an interest and benefits financially, along with the State Highway project that positively affected the Hogan Company development.

You can use our interactive map to click through the projects or scroll the list below.

Hogan’s Ownership Details

Governor Hogan put his assets into the “Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. Trust”, the arrangement of which is kept confidential following approval from the Maryland Ethics Commission. The Trust, despite the example set by numerous other governors across the country, is not a blind trust (story here). The Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. Trust is the sole owner of The Hogan Group, which owns several Hogan companies, including Hogan Development, LLC.  Hogan Development, LLC, in turn, owns numerous subsidiaries that are the owner or developer of many developments, including these projects listed below, which benefited from State Highway Administration projects. The document provided in the Governor’s financial disclosure can be seen here.  We have recreated that same document in a readable format here. Finally, Governor Hogan, through this Trust, which manages his real estate development holdings, has earned $2.4 million while he has been Governor.

Interactive Map

How to use the map: After clicking a point on the interactive map below, click the blue arrow to the right of the project name to read more about the project.