The Board and Staff of Our Maryland are heartbroken by the sudden passing of our co-founder, board colleague, effective advocate and friend Mike Pretl.  Mike died from a massive heart attack on Christmas Day.

With his trademark wisdom and wit (and winning grin!), Mike helped to launch and grow Our Maryland from nonprofit incorporation in May 2017 to today serving as the largest online platform for promoting a healthy, just and sustainable future for all Marylanders.

Our Maryland works with partners across multiple issues and constituencies to lift progressive voices across the state and to develop a shared narrative for progress.  I believe Mike devoted so much of his invaluable time during the past two years to Our Maryland, because it presented an opportunity for him to give voice to and bring together in common cause the many nonprofit groups with which he was centrally involved around a broad range of issues, including health, the environment and renewable energy, gun safety and democracy.  

Our deepest condolences – and appreciation – to Michele Hughes, Mike’s remarkable wife and a nonprofit leader herself and hand in hand with Mike, and to the whole family. We send you our love and support.

We know that memories of Mike always will be for a blessing, and may peace and justice be brought to this world (with all of our and Mike’s guiding hands).

Below we’ve shared some of Mike’s writings and articles that he contributed to, which will hopefully live on and continue to spread the strong progressive voice that Mike so often shared.


Articles, Letters and Writings by Mike Pretl