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Issue Summary

The Problem: Our state’s nursing homes are woefully understaffed! Over the course of an eight-hour shift, direct caregivers — nurses and nursing assistants — often single-handedly provide care to as many as 25 residents.

The Solution: The healthcare industry needs better regulation to address the quality of care and staffing crisis in Maryland’s nursing homes. To fight for better care, 1199SEIU advocated for strengthened state regulations that would increase the number of nursing service personnel per resident from 1:25 to 1:15.

Unfortunately, two years have gone by and Governor Hogan has done nothing on these regulations to improve care for our elderly and disabled. Nursing home bosses oppose these regulations because they just want to line their own pockets. Governor Hogan will not stand up to them. He does not care.

It’s time to say NO to profits over people!

Members Bravely Raise Their Voices: 
In an article in the Maryland Daily Record, members Andy Krum and Joy Stewart-Phillips called on Governor Hogan to say NO to short staffing: “With more staff on duty, we would have time to actually listen to our patients. We would be more likely to notice if something was wrong or bothering our patients. We could save lives.” Read the full article here.

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