Project 8: Preserve at Tuscarora

Highway Project: Construction of Monocacy Blvd. US 15 overpass with Park-and-Ride lot. (SHA Line 2).

How Hogan Benefits: Frederick County funded $1.4 million for Engineering. The City of Frederick funded $1.4 million for Engineering. Project is Preserve at Tuscarora. 18.5-acre site with 250 units in Frederick City. Christopher’s Crossing, LLC, formed 2012, (Hogan has 25% interest) annexed the site from Frederick County into Frederick City in 2013 and rezoned the property. Christopher’s Crossing began moving the project through development approval. In 2018, Property was bought by Becker Building Company, LLC for $2.5 million (Tim Hogan is contact person for company, whose address is the same as the Hogan Companies).

SHA Project