Maryland Speakers Race

Democratic Delegates will take two votes this Wednesday (May 1) on the next House Speaker to replace the long-serving and respected Mike Busch – one vote first within the Democratic Caucus and then one on the floor of the House.  

This is very consequential and has become a challenging and unusual situation whether there’s a chance that the state GOP could actually decide who the next Speaker will be and then leverage future actions.


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Script and information from The Maryland Legislative Coalition
We support the Democratic Party’s call for unity among Democrats.
We urge you reach out to your district delegates immediately to ask them to support the Democratic Caucus’ choice for Speaker.

Let them know that in this critical moment when they are selecting a new Speaker, Marylanders are counting on them to stand together to continue strong leadership for workers and families.

To find out who your Delegate is go to link below.

Hello Delegate [Delegate Name]. I am your constituent and I live at [address]. I would like to ask that you vote for the candidate for Speaker of the House that wins the most votes from the Democratic Caucus. Please do not split the Caucus and let the Republican minority decide who the next Speaker will be. I voted for Democrats so they would drive the policy agenda for the state, and since much of that agenda will rest in the hands of the Speaker, I would like to see Democrats stand together to elect the Speaker.